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Our Process: Education

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After meeting and providing initial feedback and support, All Ages Care Management, LLC will then provide you with the educational resources and support facilitation that you need. Below are a list of our traditional next steps:

After we determine what the client’s needs are, we develop an individualized care plan. All Ages Care Management, LLC takes into account the person’s needs, wishes and desires, financial situation, and available resources. Our professionals work with the client, their family, and area professionals to develop a care plan that focuses on their current needs, required treatment (e.g. medical, psychiatric, physical therapy), housing requirements, and optimal utilization of community resources.

All Ages Care Management, LLC will work tirelessly to procure the best professional referrals possible. Once we determine the scope of the services needed, our experts are available to help you research community resources, fill out applications, arrange on-site visits, and more!

We also pride ourselves in our ability to provide our families with high quality information and education. We make sure that we track down current and accurate information for you, as it can be a very time consuming undertaking. Our professionals will do the research for you and provide you with websites, book titles, authors, upcoming seminars, printed literature and more, on all of your topics of interest, This includes Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, substance abuse, autism, depression, and more.

In the event that an elder’s family cannot provide the oversight and monitoring of eldercare, due to whatever the circumstance, we are available to act as a liaison to families. All Ages Care Management ensures that the elder is doing well, and we alert families when there is an area of concern and provide advocacy. This is all to make sure that the family member is receiving the services.

All Ages Care Management, LLC also provides comprehensive consultation and counseling services. Below are a few instances where care management services might need to be utilized:

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