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Our Process: Support

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All Ages Care Management LLC provides caring and compassionate care management services to younger individuals with disabilities, as well as older individuals who may be physically or cognitively compromised.

All services that we recommend and implement are specifically designed to meet your unique needs. Everyone has a unique situation; there is no cookie-cutter plan of care – and care can change either quickly or gradually.

At All Ages Care Management LLC, supporting you and your family members is one of our greatest priorities. Our process allows you to express your feelings and develop positive coping techniques. From here, you will learn how to deal with the stresses and emotions that are part of caregiving.

In addition, our initial support services involve facilitating open discussions. All Ages Care Management LLC is available to meet with a small group of people, as well as entire families. All of this is to facilitate a discussion with the elder or disabled person about their perceived needs, desires, and realistic expectations.

All Ages Care Management LLC will perform an assessment of your needs. Before you can begin to develop an appropriate care plan for the elder, it is first necessary to determine their ability to remain independent safely, along with their strengths, weaknesses, and areas of concern. We will work with you and relevant professionals to obtain an assessment of the person’s psychological social, spiritual, and functional needs as well as conduct a safety assessment, inside the home and on the property.

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