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If you need a geriatric care manager in or around Hartford CT, look no further than the dedicated professionals at All Ages Care Management. All Ages Care Management is a sole proprietorship care management company centrally located in Newington. We provide expert, compassionate care management services for older individuals who may be physically or cognitively compromised, as well as younger individuals with disabilities.


What is a geriatric care manager and how do you know if you or a loved one(s) would benefit from one? The primary functions of a geriatric care manager are to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor, and provide services for elderly individuals and their families. If you have a family member who is managing their elder care needs on their own, but you start noticing slight, troublesome changes, contact a professional geriatric care manager, like All Ages Care Management. All Ages Care Management will help you identify necessary resources, investigate costs, ease of information access, and the options available. 


All Ages Care Management is proudly owned and operated by Denise Talbot. After completing her undergraduate education with a BS in music education, Denise worked in the corporate world for years before embracing her passion for geriatrics as a career. She is passionate about geriatric advocacy and has the following qualifications: MA, CDP, CCM, Gerontologist, Aging Care Life Association member, Connecticut Care Planning Council member, National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners member, National Academy of Certified Care Managers member.


All Ages Care Management helps elders undergo a mindset change. Simple, relatively inexpensive equipment doesn’t represent a loss of independence, rather, this equipment represents independence. Grab bars, raised toilet seats, shower chairs, and the like are specifically designed to keep you safe at home. Consider what’s better- using equipment designed to help keep you safe or to severely injure yourself, potentially ending up in a nursing home?


When you need a geriatric care manager to advocate for your needs and help foster your independence, contact All Ages Care Management. We look forward to working with you: 860-794-8050.


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